Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The five steps for learning American Football

So, where do I start?

Just follow these five steps and you're on the road.

1. This may seem obvious, but what's to see some games? Maybe you did, maybe not. The more you watch, more information is recorded. When watching a game on TV, look out exactly what commentators say. If you do not understand (and probably not if you are just starting), type. Therefore, search the Internet or in books, etc. Believe me, you have no trouble finding information on football.

2. Ask a question - knows of someone who is football. It can be a friend, spouse, family member, etc., not care. A tip: Do not ask someone a question when the game is in progress. Soon discover that when a veteran with experience, a game can be seen, (S) is in a "zone" and can not be bothered. Wait until the game ended.

3. Read, read, read. There are a lot of information about the football all over the internet, newspapers, books, magazines, etc.

4. Form a "support group" and the games together. Beginners, of course. Bounce sharing ideas, questions, etc. Remember that safety in numbers.

5. Above all, patience! It will not happen overnight. Like anything else, it takes time, but in the end everything will pay off.

Learning football is like a puzzle. It's only a matter of implementing all the parts together.


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